Pycon Wants You! By October 12th!

October 03, 2011 at 12:01 PM | Code

The upcoming Pycon US is going to be a total blast. No more snowy Chicago, Atlanta was fun but the hotel was under construction, this year we'll be on the sunny west coast at a convention center ! As I'm trying to encourage myself to speak more, I'll likely be doing some version of my SQLAlchemy Retrospective talk, but what Pycon really needs is you - submit a talk or tutorial! I'd personally love to see more talks about using Python in "everyday" kinds of jobs - did you get your boss to let you port some old Java app to Python? Using Python in finance, medicine, insurance, education? We'd (well at least I would) love to hear about that! Another option is a tutorial - these are three hour sessions focused on getting people started (or further) on some of the current technologies. My biased list might include Pyramid, Celery, SQLAlchemy, NLTK - tutorials are paid and are a great way to get your trip to Pycon mostly paid for.

Whatever your talk or tutorial is about, the deadline for a proposal is October 12, 2011. See you in 2012.